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Hi, my name is Jessica Weir.   I'm a certified professional life coach trained at iPEC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  I am an introvert and proud to be one. As a naturally soft-spoken person, I understand the struggle to find your own voice.  I'm an observer who loves people.  I want to share what I see and what I've learned.  I have a commitment to self-expression, authenticity and honesty.  I'm gentle and kind coupled with a directness and strength in offering powerful insights.  I've got a sense of humor and a big, infectious laugh.   I love to read, be at home, in nature and with close friends or other like-minded folks.  Coaching is my passion.   My intuitive strengths and sensitive nature allow me to be of service and help people transform.  I know what you're going through, I've probably been there, and I'm here to listen, offer my support as a coach so you can thrive.

 I'm originally from a small town in upstate NY.  I've always been quiet, sensitive, intelligent and athletic.  I was an exchange student to France from 17 to 18.  That was a big year for me.  I had to speak and make mistakes in order to learn French and communicate.  I had a lot of fun too. 

From there I went to Cornell to become an environmentalist, instead I became an actor.  Which took me to New York City where I went to theater school at The Neighborhood Playhouse.  This is where the deep work began for me.  Speech and voice training using the Alexander Technique had a tremendous effect. Allowing me to physically access a more supported and louder voice, which I previously thought wasn't possible.  Acting class was amazing and allowed me to feel my feelings and be more myself than ever before.  After 9 years in NYC I needed a change and decided to step away from acting and pursue life coaching.  Which was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I moved to LA in 2015 because it offered the benefits of city life in a pretty and relaxed environment and one where there's an interest and openness to coaching. 

I am available to work with you in person or over the phone and through Skype from anywhere.  Physical distance is just fine.  The work is just as powerful. 

Please check out my blog to learn more about some of my experiences and feel free to contact me.  You can also fill out a survey to help me learn more about the people I serve, introverts like you.