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This is my lane, it's about my human experience and the journey of spiritual and personal growth that I'm on.  Writing is often what I use to process what I'm going through and what I've learned.  My goal is for the experiences and lessons I've learned to resonate and help other people in their own journey. 

Bringing the Joy! Roar at the carwash.

Jessica Weir

As an entrepreneur, self-employed, seeker, venturing into new territory and a new way of being I have some periods of stress and let's be honest panic.  Panic for me isn't big and loud - it's full of tension, an internal whirlwind with thoughts ricocheting back and forth. Can I do this? Will it work? The answers vary from -Of course it will you're amazing, toI don't know maybe you shouldn't do this. So I have days where it's hard to get out of bed and days where I'm highly motivated and super productive.  I've figured out and taught myself how to design a business card, write a blog, create a website, create a webinar.  I am someone who likes to figure things out.  I have a belief in my ability to figure things out.  I have a history of trying something new and adventurous that brings up a lot of fear but eventually works out.  I had many amazing experiences as a result of this risk taking.  But the process was not easy.  I also have a constant companion named self-doubt that can be crippling at times.  It makes trying something new, or being brave a somewhat scary experience.  Along with this self-doubt however is a deep inner knowing that is very clear and steady.  Over the years, as I've learned more about my inner or higher self, and learned more ways to connect to it with intention, that stressful process has become less crazy-making.  I remember talking about my decision to become a coach and sign up for coaching training.  I held up both my hands in front of me.  My left hand was the shaky, freaked out, doubtful part of me that thought about the debt and the uncertainty. On the right, my hand was steady, calm and so sure that this was the right choice for me.  That was the side of my higher self.  And as I considered both, I was able to choose where to put my focus.  Obviously I chose the one that felt better- the calm, steady side that was comfortable with the uncertainty, and very clear that this was my path.  

While knowing that I'm on the right path for me at that moment paved the way, I'm still faced with making that same choice between the shaky doubtful side and the calm, steady side.  All the freaking time.  It's not like I made one decision and from there my path is golden and it'll be a breeze from here on out.  Nope.  It leads me to my next decision, and making the next right choice for myself.  Learning to live from the steadiness and strength of my highest self.  I'm definitely in that process, learning to pay more attention to that calm clear voice over the sometimes much louder and more incessant voice of doubt, which does not sooth my ears but causes uncomfortable vibrations that affect my whole way of being.  

Which brings me to the title of my post - bringing the joy.  Brendon Burchard's work has been super helpful in this learning process.  In any situation or when faced with the decision to let the shaky critical and doubtful voice lead or the calm steady voice of my higher self, there is a way to choose your higher self.  That is to bring the joy, bring the humor, the lightness, the humanity.  For example, I had a few days filled with avoidance, isolation and some internal meltdowns about the future of my business, my life, my finances.  Pretty heavy stuff and I wasn't choosing the joy. I was choosing the suck while trying to maybe see the possibility for joy.  I had to get out of the house, so I signed up to be a mystery shopper.  On my way there, I stopped to get gas, going through mental calculations of how I would pay for the gas.  And my poor white car was covered with dust and leaves and bird poop.  I'd been putting off washing the car.  But I decided to listen to the voice that said it was time instead of the one that was worried about my finances.  So I paid for a car wash.  Here I was, sitting in the car listening to my playlist called Arena Anthems (nod to Brene Brown's work) and a song came on that is tightly associated with an amazing personal growth experience at Mastin Kipp's seminar Claim your Power Live.  It was Katy Perry's "Roar".  This song usually makes me a little giddy when it starts.  In that moment, I chose to bring the joy, full on.  So as the water, soap and spongy machine were going around the car, I was rocking out to "Roar" on the inside.  Laughing full out and in awe of the amazing shift and the awesomeness of human emotions.  I was laughing, clapping, dancing in my seat and singing along.  I hope the person behind me in line had as much fun as I did.  It changed my day completely, even the next day as well.  

What a beautiful option we have, to choose to live from our highest selves and to bring the joy to any situation.  We have the opportunity to choose how we respond to life.  It's more than just being positive. Because you can say positive things or try to convince yourself of positive thoughts but still be dragging inside.  It's diving in and living from that place of calm and steadiness that allows us to find the joy in any situation.  I'd love to hear what you think.  Please comment and share, and I hope you enjoy your next car wash.