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QUIET POWER: Learning to use your introvert strengths to thrive

Art Share LA,  801 East 4th Place, Los Angeles, CA

Free parking across S. Hewitt in the county lot.  Suggested donation of $5 to help pay for the space. 

In this informative and interactive talk, you’ll learn what it means to be an empowered introvert, including:

7 tactics for socializing while embracing your quiet nature

6 aspects of quiet power and how to use them to your advantage

You've already got everything you need, it's time to learn to use it.
This event came about after reading the survey answers from a number of introverts.  It's goal is to address some common concerns. If you didn't get a chance to complete the survey last summer, you still can, right here.

My name is Jessica Weir. I'm a certified life coach and an introvert. I’ve struggled with being quiet and shy. I’ve spent many years learning and stretching to be more outgoing, confident, and to find my voice. Part of that process for me was learning to embrace my quiet side and the strengths I have as an introvert. I want to share with you information and tools that can be immediately beneficial to you in your own growth. You’ll walk out of this event with a better understanding of what being an introvert really means, how to use your 6 introvert strengths for empowerment and 7 tactics to socialize more comfortably. With is new perspective you can free yourself from limiting beliefs about introverts and thrive just by being yourself. 

The room will give us space for a small group, so the discussion should be engaging but will allow people to just observe if that's more comfortable. You can learn a lot just by listening. The discussion can continue afterwards as there are plenty of cool spots nearby. I hope to see you there.