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Jess is a wonderful, amazing, fantastic soul. She’s intuitive, extremely kind and intelligent. Working with her felt very safe, self-affirming and rewarding. It was a wonderful and bizarre feeling that the time and energy held was all for me, I’m not used to that. I initially felt I was taking up too much space, and in letting that story go, I was able to honor myself in the process. As I began to surrender to the process I learned that each coaching session was serving me in the moment. Whatever had been brought up during that week, or on that day, was the work. The small shifts are what truly transform our being, and that is exactly what I got from working with Jess. I’ve expanded my capacity for empathy and compassion within myself and then in turn for others. I’ve noticed the conversations I have with myself are more kind. I can stop the negative talk much faster. I allow myself to be in the moment of whatever it is I am feeling. Permission to BE. She really held space for me and offered me things I was not offering myself in the beginning. Thank you for taking me to new heights. Thank you so much for sharing your beaming light with me!
— Tyra Fox, Web designer and owner of
Jessica puts you at ease from minute one and you can tell that she’s thinking deeply about all that you’re saying. She listens to what I’m saying and is intuitive about the world of things I’m not saying. Even over the phone, without seeing facial expressions, she knows when I’m having an emotional moment and she doesn’t let it go by unnoticed. She’s patient, empathetic and understanding in that moment, creating a safe place to feel scared, imperfect and broken. And then once you’ve felt all those emotions, and realize you didn’t die—she partners with you on strategies to get what you want that are based on her deep understanding of who you are and her belief in who you can be.
— Rachel B. Garrett
Jessica has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. She held a space for me to let out my thoughts and gave me the insight I needed. Great life coach.
— Cynthia Conant
As an introvert, it is very hard for me to want to reach out to someone and discuss something personal with them. I felt like Jessica Weir wouldn’t judge me and would guide me in the right direction. I called her during a difficult time so I was more vulnerable than other times. After our conversation, I felt stronger in myself and who I am. It’s okay to reveal to people that you are an introvert. I felt like something was wrong with me because I needed to “recharge” after social gatherings, or that I liked to not be apart of conversations and just observe them. Jessica made me feel much better about myself. She related in such a realistic and personal way I would suggest her to anyone.
— Sarah Dimmer
Jessica Weir is a highly intuitive life coach who helps her clients tap into their inner strengths and knowledge to come up with their own unique solutions suitable to their unique life path. Jess is very sweet, patient, and has the uncanny ability of empowering her clients through appropriate questions and encouragement. It was a joy to work with her and I personally grew as a result.
— Laura Thompson -Author, Poet, Personal and Professional Leadership Coach